GOB Partners

Government Ministries

Ministry of Environment and Forest.

The Ministry of Environment & Forests is an agency under the administration of the Central Government for the planning, promotion, co-ordination and overseeing the implementation of environmental and forestry programs. MoEF oversees all environmental issues in the country and is a permanent member of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.
Website: http://www.moef.gov.bd/

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

The main functions of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock are to preserve fisheries resources, fulfill the requirement of animal protein through proper management and planned development, increase socio-economic conditions of fishermen, create employment opportunities for unemployed landless people, expand foreign exchange earnings by exporting fish and fishery products and to innovate new technologies through research for fisheries development and preservation.
Website: http://www.mofl.gov.bd/

Government Departments

Department of Fisheries.

Website: http://www.fisheries.gov.bd/

Forest Department.

Website: http://www.bforest.gov.bd/index.php

Department of Environment.

Website: http://www.doe-bd.org/

IPAC Partners

CNRS (Center for Natural Resource Studies) is a non-government, non-political development organization formed in 1993 focusing on ecological management of floodplain ecosystem through community-based management approaches.

Website: http://www.cnrs.org.bd/

Arannayk Foundation: The Arannayak Foundation (AF), also known as the Bangladesh Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation, is a non-profit organization established in 2003 by the joint initiative between the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the United States of America based on the provisions of the US Tropical Forest Act 1998; which seeks to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity assets of tropical forests.

The mission of AF is to facilitate the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable use of tropical forests in Bangladesh which provide a wide range of benefits to mankind, by providing financial grants or other supports to qualified organizations or entities.

Asiatic Marketing & Communication, Ltd: ASIATIC is one of the largest advertising agencies in the country. Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd. handles Marketing Communications Assignments for many leading companies/organizations of Bangladesh. ASIATIC’s sister concerns are MRC-MODE LTD, Asiatic Mind Share and Asiatic Events Marketing Ltd.

Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association-BELA: The Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA), a non-profit and non-governmental organization of lawyers, was set up in 1992 with the objective of establishing a significantenvironment and ecological order. The formation of BELA was indeed a response to the global movement to protect and conserve natural environment and ecology that have strong justification in a rural agronomy based country like Bangladesh.

Website: http://www.belabangla.org/index2.htm

Community Development Center-CODEC: Since its establishment in 1985 as a community focused development organization, CODEC has been growing and evolving into efficient and effective non-governmental development organization in the coastal area of Bangladesh. CODEC has been tracking to a holistic approach towards poverty alleviation in the coastal area through intensive participation of underprivileged people men, women, children and adolescents. People, rather than resources, are at the center of CODEC development goal and objectives. Institutions and institutional processes being central to the vision and mission of CODEC, it is sensitized in people centered development,and puts people as the major propeller and major recipient of development. CODEC perspective challenges the mainstream concept of development as one of maximizing socio-political entity and economic growth, with the fervent hope that its benefits would trickle down to the people and the focal points would be the underprivileged men, women, children and adolescents of coastal communities.
Website: http://www.codecbd.org/

Jhangirnagar University (JU)            Website:http://www.juniv.edu/

Module Architects                             Website:

Oasis Transformation Ltd.                 Website:http://www.oasisbd.org/

World Fish Center: WorldFish exists to help eradicate hunger and poverty by harnessing the benefits of fisheries and aquaculture. WFcarries out research-for-development with our partners to make small scale fisheries more resilient and productive, and to support the adoption of sustainable aquaculture that specifically benefits the poor.

WF’s key competencies are in Policy Economics and Social Sciences, Natural Resource Management, and Aquaculture and Genetic Improvement. This inter-linked set of disciplines work together to provide a wide range of research and analysis.
Website: http://www.worldfishcenter.org/wfcms/HQ/default.aspx

US Based Partner Organizations Providing Short Term Technical Support

Development Training Services: Development & Training Services, Inc. (DTS) is a strategic management consulting firm leading initiatives in social and economic development worldwide. DTS's vision is to become a leader in shaping and implementing strategies to lift constraints on human development especially among women and under developed groups worldwide.
Website: http://www.onlinedts.com/

East West Center: The East-West Center brings together people from the United States, Asia and the Pacific to study and seek solutions to problems of social, economic, and cultural changes.

The Center awards Graduate Student Scholarships and conducts programs of applied research in which people of divergent cultural, political, and professional backgrounds work collaboratively on the region's critical issues.

Environmental Law Institute: The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) makes law work for people, places and the planet. The Institute has played a pivotal role in shaping the fields of environmental law, policy, and management, domestically and abroad.
Website: http://www.eli.org/

Epler Wood International:

EplerWood International was launched in January 2003, by Megan Epler Wood, founder and former president of The International Ecotourism Society, to advise private business, government, international development projects, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions on the development of sustainable tourism and ecotourism.
Website: http://www.eplerwood.com/

World Wildlife Fund-US: For more than 45 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF, works in 100 countries and is supported by 1.2 million members in the United States and close to 5 million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines globalization with a foundation in science, involving action at every level from local to global, and ensuring the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.
Website: http://www.worldwildlife.org/