Author : Philip J. Decosse Date : 2009

Abstruct : In this visual journey, eminent Bangladeshi Photographer Sirajul Hossain captures the intimate relations between man and nature. To do so, he turns his eye to five forests “Protected Areas” in the northeast and southeast of Bangladesh where the diversity of life ranges from the smallest insects to the mighty Asian Elephant, and includes-of course- man himself. A new community initiative is underway in these five areas. Called simply “Nishorgo”- or “idyllic nature”- initiative aims to allow local stakeholders of these forests have a say in their management and to benefit from them. The success of such conservation efforts demands a base of support that goes well beyond the forests. In completing this book, Sirajul Hossain donated his own time and skills in a partnership with Nishorgo. Sirajul Hossain’s photographic journey captures this commitment to conservation as well as to the people who have lived in and around such forests for centuries.

Deb Barma Tripura Culture near Sylhet

Author : Emdadul Islam Bitu Date : September 2008

Abstruct : A central challenge for the Tripuras of Sylhet lies in the mix of those outside cultures and society with their own. As the presence of outside population of other cultures has grown, the Tripura have lost access to land, and this in turn has complicated the practice of their culture. New practices have been adopted. In the Maulavibazar and Hobiganj areas where this book was prepared, the Tripura people used to practice jhum (slash and burn on the hill slopes). Knowing they needed to adapt, they started to engage in orchards and wet rice cultivation like the people of the plains. While these were modifications of livelihoods, the Tripura culture has also steadily evolved. Young women no longer wear the jewelry in the styles of their mothers. Many have lost the traditional weaving skills unique to the Tripuras. Their colorful dances are now only seen during festivals. In short, their rich religious and social traditions are fast disappearing. The central story of this book reflects the complex tapestry of the Deb Barma Tripura peoples-a culture under immediate and real pressure of change. Welcomed by the Deb Barma communities living in and around three forest Protected Areas in Maulovibazar and Hobiganj Districts, the author has observed and recorded the culture as seen in the practices, rituals and the daily life of the people.

Protected Areas of Bangladesh A Guide to Wildlife

Author : M. Monirul H. Khan Date :

Abstruct : Dr. M. Manirul H.Khan is a wildlife biologist engaged in teaching and research in the field of conservation and monitoring of wildlife and wildlife habitats in Bangladesh. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Zoology in Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He received his PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in 2004 for his work on the ecology and conservation of the Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Dr. Khan has written many scientific and popular articles, and is also a keen wildlife photographer. This book presents his findings and photographs of the mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians of Bangladesh.

Training Manual On Protected Area Co-management for Biodiversity Conservation

Author : Date : March 2, 2012

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The Nishorgo Network Strategy and Action Plan: Collaborative Management of Bangladesh's Natural Pro

Author : Date : May 30, 2011

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